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Help us grow the Quorum community

When your referral signs, you receive $1,000 and your referral receives $1,000 off their annual Quorum subscription.

How the program works

Fill out the form to help us learn a little bit more about your referral.

We’ll email your referral, connecting them with a member of our team to show them the Quorum products of their choice.

When they sign their Quorum contract, you’ll receive $1,000, or we’ll donate $1,000 to a 501(c)(3) organization of your choice. Also, your referral will receive $1,000 off their yearly Quorum subscription.

Terms and Conditions of Quorum's Referral Incentives Program:

In order for a referee to be eligible for Quorum’s Referral Incentive Program, the following must apply:

– The new client must agree to at least a 12 month contract with Quorum

– The new client must sign a Quorum contract within 180 days of the referral

– The cash bonus will be paid to a referrer within 45 days of the subscription start date of an organization that purchased Quorum as a direct result of the referral

– If a referrer is unable to accept a cash incentive, the referrer/organization can receive a discounted Quorum add-on* of their choice at a rate of 50% for the remainder of their contract

– Client referral bonuses do not apply if the organization being referred has previously had an agreement with Quorum

Quorum reserves the right to deny the donation recipient for any reason. In the instance that Quorum decides the donation recipient doesn’t meet requirements, Quorum will ask for an alternative organization. 

*Custom Data, Social Media Monitoring.