Quorum's Referral Incentives Program

Help us grow the Quorum community

Quorum's Referral Incentives Program is simple: refer one of your friends who you think would benefit from using Quorum as much as you do, and earn $1,000 cash when they sign a contract. We love our relationships with our clients, so who better to help grow the Quorum network than folks who have seen the value of Quorum? Get started today.

How it works:

Step 1: Click this link and fill out the form to help us learn a little bit more about your referral.

Step 2: When you fill out the form, a member of our Customer Success team will email you confirming receipt of the referral. We'll also email your friend, connecting them with a member of our team to show them the Quorum products of their choice.

Step 3: When your referral decides to move forward with purchasing Quorum, you'll receive $1000! If they decide Quorum isn't right for them, no problem. We're thankful for the introduction.

Terms and Conditions of Quorum's Referral Incentives Program:

In order for a referee to be eligible for Quorum's Referral Incentive Program, the following must apply:

- The new client must agree to at least a 12 month contract with Quorum

- The new client must sign a Quorum contract within 180 days of the referral

- The cash bonus will be paid to a referrer within 45 days of the subscription start date of an organization that purchased Quorum as a direct result of the referral

- If a referrer is unable to accept a cash incentive, the referrer/organization can receive a discounted Quorum add-on* of their choice at a rate of 50% for the remainder of their contract

- Client referral bonuses do not apply if the organization being referred has previously had an agreement with Quorum

*Custom Data, Social Media Monitoring.

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