Congressional Office Optimizes Legislative Tracking with Quorum Sheets

*This case study is based off of real experiences of a congressional office, but the names and specific legislation have been redacted for privacy.

The Challenge: Tracking Legislation Through the Process

The legislative staffers in Congresswoman Jill Smith’s office are responsible for simultaneously juggling their boss’ legislative priorities, committee responsibilities, and in-district issues, while also responding to constituent requests and monitoring current events. With so many moving pieces, legislative tracking can be a challenge. A few years ago, the Congresswoman’s Legislative Director started tracking bills in an Excel spreadsheet which the Legislative Assistants were responsible for updating. However, keeping the document accurate and up-to-date did not always prove possible. Nine months into the year, the Congresswoman had already sponsored or cosponsored over a hundred bills.

The Solution: Monitor Legislation Automatically

Congresswoman Smith’s office leveraged its Quorum subscription to monitor legislation in an auto-updating bill tracking sheet.

Legislative Information

It took all of 10 minutes for the Legislative Director to set up a Sheet containing each bill the Congresswoman has sponsored or cosponsored thus far this Congress. Corresponding columns of information provide a comprehensive view of the basics of each bill: status, days since introduced, description, and the number of sponsors and cosponsors. The team monitors this Sheet to stay on top of legislative developments.

Auto-Updating Columns

Quorum does the otherwise-tedious job of keeping data in the Sheet up-to-date. As information changes, the Congresswoman sponsors new bills, or new cosponsors join her bills, the Sheet updates in real time. Every column is sortable, enabling staffers using the Sheet to analyze bills by any metric.

Alerts on Bill Statuses

In the Sheet, each bill is assigned to the relevant staffer who handles the bill’s issue area. Then, the staffers receive email alerts whenever action is taken on their assigned bills. Some staffers have immediate alerts set up, while others, including the LD, receive them in a once-daily digest.

The Impact: Save Time and Optimize Legislative Strategy

Before Quorum, gathering all the necessary legislative information, let alone organizing it in a systematic way and avoiding human error, was a headache of Excel spreadsheets and email threads. Now, the Congresswoman’s staff is able to save time and optimize its legislative strategy knowing the information they need is readily available.

Quorum is an important tool that provides the Congresswoman’s office with a command center for its legislative work in an organized and collaborative way. Because each member of the staff has access to the sheet, all are on the same page, helping streamline communication.

Quorum Sheets have also helped the Congresswoman’s team be more strategic with its work. Having legislative metrics available side-by-side helps staffers assess where they should deploy resources. For example, sorting the Sheet by number of cosponsors tells them which bills have broad support and should be prioritized for action versus those which they need more colleagues to join.

Best Practice:

With Quorum Sheets, a Congressional office can create a command center for auto-updating bill tracking, enabling staffers to streamline communication, prioritize legislation, and stay up-to-date on the progress of their their boss’ efforts.

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