Dialogue Tracker: Congress on Gun Reform

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, lawmakers have been issuing statements and sharing posts on social media in response to a groundswell of calls for action in Congress. Using Quorum Sheets, we've built an an interactive auto-updating spreadsheet for you to track the number of statements released by members of Congress mentioning background checks, assault rifles or AR-15s, guns, bump stocks, concealed carry, the Second Amendment, and the NRA.

You can filter and sort columns by hovering over the light blue triangle at the top of each column or use the search bar to find a specific lawmaker. Want to use the data for your own work? Simply click the download button. Note: Statements include press releases, floor statements, newsletters to constituents, and posts on Facebook and Twitter (including retweets).

See how Congress responded to the 2017 Vegas Shooting

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