The 28 Medical Professionals Serving in the 115th Congress

September 23, 2017

This week the Graham-Cassidy bill made waves in Congress as the GOP's latest attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Senator Cassidy (R-LA), a namesake of the bill, is among a unique crowd of lawmakers in Congress with a professional background in the medical industry. As the health care debate grows more and more complicated, we identified the lawmakers in Congress with career experience in the medical industry and diagnosed how they've contributed to the health care conversation.

There are 28 medical professionals in the 115th Congress

Of the 28 medical professionals in Congress, 13 are physicians, 4 are dentists, 3 are veterinarians, 3 are psychologists, 2 are nurses, 1 is an optometrist, 1 is a physician assistant, and 1 is a pharmacist. 21 of the medical professionals in Congress are Republicans and 7 are Democrats.

Medical Professionals in Congress by Practice.

Senators Paul and Duckworth are the most vocal medical professionals on health care

Over the past nine months, Senator Paul (R-KY) has mentioned health care or health insurance 145 times, Senator Duckworth (D-IL) 126 times, and Rep. Wenstrup (R-OH-2) 119 times.

Top 10 Most vocal medical professionals in congress on Health insurance in 2017.

Senator Cassidy, Rep. Burgess, and Rep. Roe have introduced the most health-related legislation of the medical professionals in Congress

So far this session, Senator Cassidy (R-LA), Rep. Burgess (R-TX-26), and Rep. Roe (R-TN_1) have each introduced 11 health-related bills. When compared to how vocal they are on the issue, both Burgess and Roe fall in the middle of the pack of medical professionals. Conversely, Senator Duckworth is very vocal on the issue but has yet to introduce a health-related bill this session.

Medical Professionals in Congress: Mentions of Health Care in 2017 vs. Health-related bills introduced in 2017.

Medical professionals in Congress won their last election by wide margins

The average member of Congress won their last election with 65% of the vote. However, medical professionals in Congress won their last election with an average of 71% of the vote. These members also represent heavily partisan districts with an average Cook PVI Rating of +16 partisan lean.

Medical professionals in Congress election outlook.

Medical professionals in Congress election outlook.

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