Quorum Celebrates International Chart Day

Today, Quorum joins in celebrating International Chart Day—a day to celebrate infographics and assist the public in becoming better consumers of data. To honor the occasion, we're sharing a few of our favorite charts from reports we've published analyzing the 115th Congress:

How Partisanship Impacted the 115th Congress

In 2017, the average House Democrat cosponsors legislation across the aisle twice as much as the average House Republican. As the minority party in the chamber, House Democrats cosponsor legislation across the aisle 29 percent of the time compared to House Republicans 12.3 percent of the time. For more charts like the one below, download our 115th Congress Partisanship Report in partnership with the Cook Political Report.

2017 Congressional Social Media Report

#trumpcare, #aca, and #taxreform were the most used hashtags by members of Congress in 2017.#trumpcare was far and away the most popular hashtag by members of Congress, with nearly 12,000 posts including the tag. Overall, hashtags related to healthcare held four of the top five spots in the rankings of top hashtags last year.

11 states have no women representing them in Congress

Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont each have zero women representing their state in Congress. New Hampshire leads the way in percent of congressional seats held by women at 100 percent with Senators Hassan (D-NH) and Shaheen (D-NH) and Representatives Shea-Porter (D-NH-1) and Kuster (D-NH-2).

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