Ranking Legislative Productivity of 12 Defeated VA House Republicans

In the first round of major elections since President Trump took office, Virginia Democrats made significant advances—maintaining control of the governorship and making strong gains in the House of Delegates. Pending recounts, Democrats flipped at least 15 seats on Tuesday—12 Democrats defeated incumbent Republicans, while the other three ran for open seats in previously-held Republican districts. Each of the districts that flipped from red to blue were previously held by men, and 11 of the 15 delegates-elect are women.

Defeated incumbents were among the most and least productive members of the chamber.

Over the course of his eight years in the House of Delegates, 62% of sponsored bills introduced by Del. Greason (R-VA-032) were signed into law -- ranking him 7th in the chamber for his ability to pass legislation. Conversely, during his eight years in office, only 8% of the 224 bills introduced by Del. Marshall (R-VA-013) were signed into law.

Defeated VA house Republicans Productivity Rankings.

No strong correlation exists between legislative productivity and the margin of an incumbent's defeat.

When comparing the productivity rankings above to the incumbent's margin of defeat, no strong correlation exists. The 5th least productive member in the chamber, Del. Marshall, lost his election by 8 points. However, the 7th most productive member of the chamber, Del. Greason, lost his election by 17 points -- the largest margin of defeated incumbents.

Legislative Productivity vs Margin of Defeat in Election.

Many of the Democratic gains came in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro areas.

Northern Virginia saw stronger turnout than recent state elections with 49 percent of voters casting a vote as compared to 43 percent in 2013. Overall, Northern and Central Virginia had the highest turnout rates in the state.

Virginia House of Delegates Party Control

Virginia House of Delegates Party Control

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