Members of Congress Most Concerned About a Trade War

President Trump on Friday imposed a round of $34 billion in tariffs on China, kicking off immediate retaliation and the start of what could escalate into an all-out trade war. The Chinese government is planning retaliatory tariffs that target American goods across the automobile, agriculture, and meat industries. We took a look at how members of Congress from all 50 states are reacting to the tariffs by identifying which state delegation is talking about soybeans, pork, and automobiles the most—each heat map of congressional dialogue makes it clear whose constituents will be hit hardest:

Illinois and North Dakota legislators are the most vocal on soybeans.

There have been 665 statements from lawmakers mentioning soybeans this Congress. The Illinois delegation leads all other states with 101 statements followed by North Dakota legislators with 71 statements.

Legislators from Iowa have mentioned pork 103 times this Congress.

Rep. Young (R-IA-3) has been the most vocal legislator on pork with 39 mentions. Young is joined in the top three by Iowa Senators Grassley and Ernst.

California, Michigan, and Ohio legislators are the most vocal legislators on the automobile industry.

Legislators have mentioned automobiles over 1,200 times this Congress. Four of the top five most vocal members are from either Michigan or Ohio.

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