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FiscalNote vs. Quorum

The all-in-one FiscalNote alternative you’ve been searching for.

Fast data, seamless workflow, and dedicated customer success keep Quorum users ahead of emerging developments – not trying to catch up with them. Read on for a full Quorum versus FiscalNote comparison.

When asked by colleagues which platform I would choose if I could only have one, I recommend Quorum. It's a one-stop-shop for legislative tracking, contacts management, developing advocacy target lists, and more.
– Verified Government Relations Reviewer via Capterra

Feature Comparison

FiscalNote vs. Quorum for Public Affairs Strategy

See how Quorum and FiscalNote compare side by side

FiscalNote vs. Quorum

Why public affairs pros are making the switch from FiscalNote to Quorum

Get more data (like committee hearings, press releases, Facebook posts, and more) and get it faster.

Ditch the multiple logins and let your information work together for you.

Unlimited customer success and live support that’s here to help you achieve your goals.

Quorum takes proactive measures to protect client data and has never experienced a data breach.

Predictive Analysis

Beyond the AI Hype

Nowadays, a lot of government relations services claim that they have artificial intelligence that’s capable of accurately predicting legislative outcomes and automating analysis. It’s easy to count passes and fails by sponsorship. But when you consider the multiple ideas, viewpoints, and meetings that can go into a single piece of legislation, accurately predicting passage requires more than just counting. What’s required is an understanding of how the political game is played.  

You’re the expert. That’s why we don’t make predictions about bills or other uncertainties. Instead, we give you the facts you need to make informed decisions, paired with the best-in-class tools you need to execute on them.

“If you work in the public affairs or government relations fields, this software is a must-have. No more exporting contact lists of Members (local, state, and federal) in one platform to use in another. No more tracking legislation in one system and grassroots campaigns in another. No more spending hours putting together data from different systems to put together a report on the effectiveness of your engagement and advocacy on that critical bill. Quorum is a game-changer.”

– Justin S., Director of Government Relations

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We make switching from FiscalNote easy

We’ll get all of your historical data uploaded and organized in Quorum at no additional cost.

Schedule unlimited training and sessions with your dedicated customer success rep.

Our DC-based team is ready to answer your questions with LiveChat support.

You can’t afford to be reactive on key issues; you need to be proactive.

It’s time to switch to a solution that operates the same way. It’s time to switch to Quorum.