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Meet Quorum, the world’s first integrated public affairs platform.

The World’s Most Comprehensive Database of Legislative Information

Never Miss A Mention

Make sure you never miss a mention of your issues or organization by elected and appointed officials in their bills, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, press releases, floor statements, emails to constituents, and more.

Powerful Analytics To Inform Your Strategy

Discover New Connections

Have the data you need to inform your advocacy: whether it’s the number of meetings you took, who a legislator works with most frequently, or the number of advocates you were able to convert.

The World’s First Public Affairs CRM

Keep Everyone On The Same Page

Seamlessly share information across your team with Quorum’s mobile app and interaction logger making it easy to track relationship history and upload meeting notes.

Integrated Grassroots Advocacy Tools

Engage Your Advocates

Launch targeted grassroots advocacy campaigns; empower your advocates to write, call, Tweet, or schedule a meeting with their elected officials, all with a single click.

Integrated Email Tool

Deliver Your Message

Use Quorum Outbox to send personalized emails to policy makers, stakeholders, and advocates. Easily measure your engagement by tracking open rates, clicks, and more.

Take Their Word For It

Quorum helps over one thousand public affairs professionals across Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, non-profits, advocacy firms, and congressional offices.

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