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Quorum Federal

Federal Legislative Tracking Software

Stay ahead of the curve with immediate alerts for new federal legislation, regulations, or dialogue that matches your issues.

Client Case Study

How Walmart Uses Quorum to Build Relationships with Key Policy Stakeholders

Quorum Federal Features

A Comprehensive Federal System

Get access to comprehensive information for each bill including full text, sponsors, timelines, and more.

Get alerted when your issues are mentioned across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Follow discussions of your keywords in committee hearings, newsletters, press releases, and more.

Get instantly notified via email or phone of updates to the information you care about.

Send mass messages that are automatically personalized to each federal official and staffer.

Easily keep track of relationships, meetings, and interactions with policymakers on the go.

Understand the unique landscape of each legislator with census data for every district.

Discover how your network is connected and find new champions for your federal issues.