Legislative Tracking, Social Media Alerts, Staff Directory, and Email Tool

Legislative Tracking

Never Miss A Mention

Quorum’s advanced social media monitoring combined with the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information will ensure you never miss a mention of your issues or organization by Members of Congress in their bills, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, press releases, floor statements, emails to constituents, and more.

Mobile App

Keep Track of Every Meeting

Log your meetings with Members of Congress and staffers using Quorum’s mobile app to preserve institutional knowledge, easily manage compliance reports, and measure your impact.

Contact Directory and Integrated Email Tool

Easily Contact Legislative Staff

Quickly identify staffers by issue, role, committee, or the Member they work for. Save or download emails, phone numbers, and issue areas, or use Quorum Outbox to deliver personalized email messages to hundreds of staffers at once.

Scorecard Creator

Identify Key Insights

Create comprehensive scorecards outlining Members’ voting records, legislative productivity, number of interactions with your staff, and more. Use data from the most recent American Community Survey to compare and contrast district or state demographics across all Members of Congress.

Member Profiles

Prepare For A Meeting In Minutes

Easily pull together custom biographies, social media mentions of your organization, and your organization’s previous interactions with Members of Congress into a simple PDF download.


Legislator Analytics

Find Your Champions

Identify who Members work with most frequently, what issues they are most active on, and how effective they are at getting legislation out of committee.

Custom Data

Communicate Your Organization's Footprint

Map your facilities, members, employees, and suppliers to every congressional district in the country. Easily access this information on-the-go with Quorum Mobile or share it in a customized PDF report.

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