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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Grassroots Advocacy

Drive More
Grassroots Action

Build a stronger, more engaged community to move people and policy.

Solution Overview

Build Grassroots Power

Whether you’re looking to get the attention of lawmakers or develop champions to meet with officials, Quorum offers the most complete grassroots advocacy platform to drive more grassroots action. Ensure your readiness to respond with year-round engagement of your advocates. Cultivate your champions and grasstops with our industry-leading advocacy CRM.


Quorum Client Case Study

How the ALS Association Uses Quorum for Strategic Alignment Across Grassroots & Public Affairs Teams

Always-on Advocacy

Nail Year-Round Engagement

Ensure your readiness to respond with the strongest tools available to develop an “always-on” program. Quickly build beautiful, custom action websites and GOTV campaign centers, or include gamification to incentivize your advocates.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Grow Your Supporter Base to Keep Your Message Alive

Acquire new advocates with inbound texting, petitions, and sign-up forms. Keep them engaged with built-in email and drive rapid response action with text messaging. Engage and re-engage supporters with powerful social sharing and Facebook acquisition tools.

Build Relationships

Get the Attention of Lawmakers

Put your issue in the spotlight by sending a flood of unique letters, calls, and social posts, followed by district meetings. Elevate your strategy with tools that help you identify and cultivate influential grasstops advocates who have a special connection to decision-makers.

Visual Reporting

Report Effectiveness with Confidence

Sharpen your strategy with pre-built dashboards that show KPIs like campaign performance, top action takers, progress towards a goal, and top sources of growth.

Show your impact with performance and engagement reports. Monitor campaign performance to know which campaigns fire up your advocates.

Powerful CRM

Know More About Your Advocates

Better understand your supporters so you can move them to action. Understand the full context of why advocates support your policies and how they are involved using the most complete public affairs CRM available.

Ensure your engagement is relevant every time by segmenting with activity, legislative district, or previous activity. Cultivate super advocates by tracking your most engaged employees or members.

Public Affairs Platform

Leverage the Power of a Unified Public Affairs Platform

Maximize every interaction and never miss an opportunity to influence people who can move policy. See the effects of your combined grassroots and lobbying efforts across Quorum in visual reports, auto-updating spreadsheets, lawmaker profiles, and more.

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