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Grassroots Advocacy

Run Powerful Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Engage people to influence vital policy issues with grassroots advocacy campaigns. Grow your supporter base, educate on your issues, and drive quality advocate actions to influence policymakers and reach your goals.

Solution Overview

Gain Supporters and Turn Them Into Champions

Whether you’re looking to grow your advocate base or activate employees, engage supporters to take action across the federal, state, and local levels to reach your goals with Quorum Grassroots advocacy solutions.

Quorum Client Case Study

How the YMCA Doubled Hill Day Participation with a Virtual Fly-In

Action Centers

Personalized Campaign Hubs

Quickly create custom, branded advocacy websites and widgets to grow your supporter list, educate on your cause, and mobilize supporters to take action in one place. Lead with stunning images and key statistics, and easily make updates to keep pace with the fast-changing world.

Texting and Email

Grow and Mobilize Your Supporter Base

Acquire new advocates with inbound texting, keep them engaged with email, and then send blast texts to mobilize supporters to take action fast. Plus, easily send targeted messages based on supporter information, like legislative district or previous activity, to ensure your engagement is relevant every time.


Targeted Actions

Drive Actionable Results

Empower advocates to move the needle on your cause with a variety of actions to connect them directly with their federal, state, or local policymakers. Plus, award points for every action taken to motivate continued participation.

Keep your advocates coming back and taking action on the issues that matter most with Quorum’s grassroots advocacy software.

Visual Reporting

Data-Driven Campaign Strategy

Get automatic updates on advocacy actions, top supporters, progress towards a goal and more so you can demonstrate ROI and optimize the performance of each campaign.

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