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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Quorum Grassroots

Run Powerful Advocacy Campaigns with Quorum Grassroots Software

See the full picture of your grassroots and public affairs efforts. Build a stronger, more engaged community to move people and policy.

Quorum Client Case Study

NAMI's Advocacy Outreach to Defend the ACA Drove 200,000 Grassroots Actions

Quorum Grassroots Features

Build Grassroots Power

Powerful Campaigns in 5 Minutes

Visualize your design while you create it with flexible layouts that allow you to see images and text in a single, auto-updating view.

Customizable Action Centers

Design professional, branded action center websites that include campaigns, video, gamification, ways to log interactions and contacts for elected officials.

Visualize Impact

Quickly understand performance with a built-in dashboard on KPIs like trends in campaign and email engagement over time.

Targeted Letters & Calls

Influence lawmakers from federal to local, regulators or international with letters or patch-through calling. Auto-generate up to 50 variants of one message using AI.

Texting & Email

Built-in email and text messaging allow you to quickly mobilize people to take action or contact lawmakers and their staff.

Gamification & Scoring

Award supporters for taking action with points and levels. Cultivate your most impactful advocates with ladder of engagement scoring.

Advanced Segmentation

Filter by activity level, legislative district, or previous activity to boost engagement.

Advocate Acquisition Tools

Grow your list with custom sign-up forms, petitions, Facebook lead ads, social posts and inbound texting. Report on acquisition performance.