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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Automated & Visual Reporting

Report on your team's impact with a single click.

Your goal is to make a difference on the policies that matter to you, not to spend hours in a spreadsheet. With auto-updating dashboards, your reporting processes can get simpler while your strategies get more advanced.

Government affairs reporting

Communicate Your Impact with Confidence.

Monitor your progress on important issues, quickly identify trends and opportunities, and distill large amounts of data to get to insights faster.

Quorum Client Case Study

S&P Global Tracks and Reports on Public Affairs ROI with Quorum

Customizable Templates

Create an Advanced Reporting System within Minutes

Use pre-formatted, customizable templates for any type of government relations reporting: calculating ROI, understanding data-driven insights, or getting quickly updated on your most important items for the day—no data science required.

Visualize Your Influence

Discover Insights Faster

Visualize your impact over time, and reveal new insights using data you already have—like tracking how your meetings with lawmakers correlate with legislative activity. 

Integrate Custom Data

Make Your Data Work for You

Some of the most valuable insights can emerge when you pair data with information specific to your organization. Add your custom data—like facilities, members, employees, and more—to unlock key insights, and access them wherever you go with real-time alerts and mobile access.

Downloadable Reports

Easily Share Comprehensive Reports

With Dashboards you have access to advanced analytics at your fingertips. Dig into the details where you need, or zoom out and see the impact of the entire team’s work.

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Monitor, Understand, and Influence the World

All of Quorum’s products seamlessly pair together to help you map, track, change, and report across your policy landscape.