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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Quorum International

Expand Your Global Public Affairs Reach

Collaborate with your global public affairs team to gather intelligence, identify trends, and communicate with key international stakeholders.

Quorum Ebook

Three Steps to Expand the Impact of Your Global Government Affairs Team

International Features

Identify & Connect With
International Officials

Robust contact profiles, insights, and messaging tools allow your team to easily navigate your global policy landscape.

Up-to-date contact information for officials in your country.

Get access to comprehensive information for each bill including full text, lawmakers, timelines, and more.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube monitoring for public officials.

Visual reporting tools to easily understand all of your information.

Send personalized email messages to all of your contacts. 

Organize stakeholders by market, policy interest, or subscription.

Get real-time notifications when officials mention your issues.

Keeping track of relationships, meeting notes, and interactions.