Quorum International

Work together better to achieve your goals by gathering intelligence, identifying trends, and communicating with key stakeholders.

Have Everyone You Need in One Place

Find the Right Information About Policymakers

Leverage a comprehensive database of legislators, officials, and other stakeholders in countries around the world, complete with their background and contact info, social media posts, and customizable bios and fields.

Keep an Ear to the Conversation

Get Real-Time Alerts on Your Issues

Know in real-time whenever a policymaker or relevant stakeholder mentions your issues or your organization on social media. Use Quorum’s database of tens of millions of Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos from elected officials to easily discover insights and trends.

Communicate Your Message

Send Personalized Bulk Email Updates

Use Outbox—Quorum’s integrated email tool—alongside up-to-date contact information to proactively get your message in front of legislators, officials, and stakeholders so you can more easily manage your relationships from afar.

Prove Your ROI

Measure Success and Create Custom Reports

Benchmark the impact of your team by the issues you work on, level of engagement with stakeholders, how you drive the conversation, and more. Create advanced, exportable reports of team activity to prove your team’s ROI on the bottom line.

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