Quorum Federal

Everything you need to implement a 21st century government affairs strategy.

Track Legislation and Dialogue

Search and track every bill, vote, press release, Dear Colleague letter, social media post, and more and receive custom email alerts to stay ahead.

Expand Your Legislative Coalition

Identify who Members work with most frequently and who the most active, effective, and influential members are in any issue area to quickly find champions and potential cosponsors.

Personalize Your Outreach

Automatically log meetings with members and their staff and send personalized emails to staff to give an update, make an ask, or share an event.

Quorum State

Designed to empower your state legislative affairs team with advanced analytics, powerful tracking, and robust management tools.

Automatically Track Legislation and Social Media Posts

Quickly access and visually monitor the most comprehensive database of state legislative bills, committee votes, tweets, and Facebook posts.

Comprehensive Profiles On Every State Legislator

Generate customizable profiles of legislators that include their most active issues, most frequent collaborators, industry background, educational history, and more.

Stay on top of every draft

Bill text comparison allows you to effortlessly highlight additions, subtractions, and modifications to every bill so you never miss a thing.

Quorum Grassroots

Seamlessly integrated with Quorum Federal and Quorum State and designed for your success.

Simple Interface to Increase Engagement

Enable your supporters to write, call, or tweet federal and state legislators from any device.

Powerful Analytical Tools

Quickly discover your most active supporters, measure impact by district, and enable your government affairs team to share moving stories from your advocates.

Launch and Send Beautiful Email Campaigns

Use Quorum’s templates or design your own email campaign to share information with your supporters and encourage them to take action.