Stakeholder Engagement

Activate your relationships with the world’s first public affairs CRM

One Central Database

Store Everything in One Place

Upload and store your custom database of stakeholder information in Quorum


Advanced Stakeholder Mapping Tools

Visualize your Network

Create dynamic visualizations of all interactions and relationships logged in your organization’s Quorum account.


Integrated Email Tool

Personalize Your Communication

With the click of a button, send personalized messages to all your stakeholders at once. Track engagement metrics including who opened your email and clicked on the links.


Social Media Tracking

Stay On Top Of The Conversation

With Quorum’s social add-on, you can monitor what your stakeholders are saying on social media and create email alerts to notify you the moment they mention issues you care about.


“Who Do You Know” Survey

Identify Key Relationships

Use Quorum’s ambassador add-on to survey your members, advocates or employees and identify existing relationships with elected officials.


Interaction Logger

Never Miss an Interaction

Quorum’s ambassador add-on enables your ambassadors to report notes from fly-ins and in-district meetings through Quorum’s interaction logger, ensuring you stay aware of contact with legislators.


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