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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Quorum PAC

PAC Software Made for the 21st Century

Raise money, report results, and stay compliant with modern, easy-to-use tools and support from a team of industry experts.


Drive Contributions with Industry-Best Solicitation Tools

Grow your PAC with user-friendly solicitation and CRM tools. Create a high-impact PAC website, send personalized newsletters, and drive contributions at events via inbound texting. Ensure your outreach is relevant every time with audience segmentation. And build strong relationships with auto-updating reports on your most engaged employees or members.


Stay Compliant with PAC Outsourcing

Our team of experienced experts will ensure you stay compliant, so you can keep your focus on driving contributions and growing your PAC. From FEC reporting to bank reconciliation to disbursement management, we’ll make your success our full-time job.

Optional Add-on

Build a Winning Strategy with Campaign Finance Research

Get the campaign finance intel you need with receipt and disbursement data from the FEC—plus all the tools you need to turn insights into action. Streamline your analysis of the campaign finance landscape, benchmark your performance, ‌and build a winning strategy, all in just a few clicks.


Power Up Your PAC

FEC Compliance Made Easy

Track receipts and disbursements, reconcile bank accounts, and file PAC compliance reports with the FEC.

Best-in-Class Outreach Tools

Motivate members to  contribute with beautifully-formatted newsletters and to-the-minute text alerts.

Comprehensive CRM

Build strong relationships with your eligible class and keep it all organized with Quorum PAC’s built-in CRM tools.

Auto-Updating Internal Reports

Visualize your impact with a click using advanced reporting dashboards and spreadsheets that update automatically

Custom PAC Website

Drive contributions and educate your members. Use Quorum’s professional and modern templates to create your site and make updates fast.

Payroll Contributions

Make PAC participation easy for employees who are members thanks to payroll contribution functionality.

Committee Data at Your Fingertips

Track your transactions and access information about candidate committees, joint fundraising committees, and more.

Experienced Customer Success

Strategize with your dedicated Customer Success Manager and measure your growth with regular progress meetings.