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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Stakeholder Engagement Software

Communicate with the Right People at the Right Time

Your team has a lot of relationships to juggle – simplify stakeholder engagement with one platform to organize, manage, and report on your interactions.

Solution Overview

Building support and community around your organization

Spend less time keeping track of contacts and more time engaging with them, through Quorum’s all-in-one Stakeholder Engagement software. A collaborative system for your whole team to save contact information, track interactions, and engage with stakeholders in one place.

Quorum Client Case Study

Coca-Cola Community Relations Team Executes Stakeholder Strategy in Quorum

Save Contacts

Seamless Stakeholder Organization

Upload and save contacts on the go with a mobile business card scanner while also remembering key details, like dietary preferences, in custom fields. Then use stakeholder mapping tools to strategically leverage your network to accomplish your goals.

Interaction Logger

Track Key Engagement Indicators

Record every stakeholder interaction, from email opens to RSVPs and meetings, then develop your strategy with easy reporting and metric tools. Plus, follow their conversation online and understand common themes with social media monitoring.

Email & Events

Build Relationships

An integrated email and event management platform allows you to easily segment stakeholders based on geography, engagement history, or custom info so you can share relevant messages with the right people.

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