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Prepping for 2024? Read our election year strategy playbook.

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Professional & Managed Services

Turn Your Focus to the Big Picture

Our team of experts can turn your public affairs vision into reality—so you can stop sweating the details. From stakeholder management workflows to targeted advocacy campaigns to PAC outsourcing, let our team do the heavy lifting.

Professional Services for Public Affairs Teams

Spend time on what matters most while Quorum takes on your tactical work.

Focus on your big-picture strategy while Quorum’s team of experts manages your daily grassroots, stakeholder, and PAC responsibilities. With thousands of hours of experience, we’ll combine the industry and product knowledge needed to help your team get further, faster.

Stakeholder Management

Outsource Stakeholder Management Tasks

When it comes to stakeholder management, let Quorum operationalize while you strategize. Outsource the routine tactical matters like stakeholder mapping and duplicate management, to our team of experts. Or, coordinate with Quorum to develop and execute a fully-realized strategic vision for your stakeholder efforts.

Grassroots Advocacy

Leave Tactical Execution to Us

Let us work on  the operational tasks like data management and campaign creation so you can focus on strategy. Or, work with our team to develop a winning game plan for campaigns, list communication management, advocate benchmarking, and more.

PAC Management

Rely on Seasoned Experts for Your PAC Compliance

Keep your focus on driving contributions while our team of experienced experts ensure you stay compliant. From compliance to bank reconciliation to disbursement management, leave the tactical work to our team.

Government Relations

Let Quorum Experts Manage Operational Government Relations Tasks

While you track policy and build a strong strategy, our team will handle reporting, tagging, and other time-consuming activities.

Integration Management

Access Data Anywhere You Need It

Set up flexible and reliable integrations via API, SFTP, SSO, and more with the help of Quorum’s expert team. Ensure your data goes exactly where you need it to with Quorum’s powerful integrations, including three different levels of Salesforce integrations.

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Monitor, Understand, and Win Policy

All of Quorum’s products integrate seamlessly to help you map, track, change, and report across your policy landscape.