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Quorum Local

Local Policy Insights & Officials

Keep an ear to the ground to understand legislative developments in local cities and counties across the country.

Quorum Client Case Study

How DoorDash Engages State And Local Officials During Coronavirus with Quorum

Quorum Local Features

Move the Needle in Every Municipality

Get legislative insights from local council, committee, and board meetings.

Identify and reach out to over 90,000 local officials with up-to-date contact information.

Never miss a mention of your issues from officials across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Easily deliver personalized messages to hundreds of local officials at once and get analytics for every send.

Create auto-updating reports to track developments and report on local impact.

Remember every detail by logging interactions and tracking meetings with local elected officials.

Get notified in real-time by email or push notification when your issues are being discussed.

Track conversations and reference all of your information on the go with the Quorum Mobile App.