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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Legislative Tracking

Quickly Learn & React with Legislative Tracking Software

Stay ahead of emerging policy developments with access to legislation and dialogue across Congress, all 50 states, internationally, and the EU. With Quorum’s legislative tracking software, your team can easily track specific bills, report on legislative changes, and more.

Legislative Tracking Software

Learn, understand, and respond to emerging updates in federal, state, and EU governments.

It’s critical to be the first to know of new legislative updates so your team can understand the impact and implement strategy, across state and federal legislation. Take your team’s legislative tracking to the next level with an integrated solution to get real-time alerts, monitor social media conversations, track bills, engage with stakeholders, and report on your efforts – all in one place.

Quorum Client Case Study

Sierra Club Manages State Bill Tracking in Quorum for 50 State Chapters

Real-time Alerts & Tracking Dashboards

Stay at the Forefront of Change

Be the first to know of legislative updates with instant notifications and tracking dashboards that automatically update with any new information matching your keywords and issues areas. Then get up to speed with comprehensive profiles and analytics to visualize changes.

Track new legislation, the current bills your team is working on, and updates to existing legislation so your team can make the most informed decisions.


Follow the Conversation Online

Whether on social media or on the floor, stay informed on what matters to you. Follow how your organization and your issues are being discussed by legislative officials, stay ahead of emerging news, and rapidly respond to developments that could impact you.


Relationship Mapping and Engagement

Effectively identify new legislative champions with a database of over 240,000 legislative and agency staff across all levels of government—powered by KnowWho.

Identify officials and staffers by their office, title, region, or committee and connect with personalized messaging through Quorum’s integrated email platform.

Visualizations & Sheets

Easily Report Out On Your Efforts

Automated sheets allow you to collaborate as a team and share with stakeholders: easily compare up-to-date information to identify key champions, monitor trends, report out on progress, and quantify the effectiveness of your strategy.

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Monitor, Understand, and Influence the World

All of Quorum’s products integrate seamlessly to help you map, track, change, and report across your policy landscape.