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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Never Leave Salesforce with Native Contact Directories

Quickly connect with elected officials and staff at all levels of government, with the most comprehensive and accurate contact data – all available in the native Salesforce App. Knowwho can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Powered by KnowWho

KnowWho is the leading provider of government officials’ data, powering the most robust and accurate directory of US public officials for over 20 years.

Our congressional staffer directories allow you to connect with all 541 members of Congress, their committees and subcommittees, and more than 13,000 staffers.

Communicate with the top 30,000 key executives in the White House, departments, and independent agencies.

Access 41,000 state government officials. Find updated contact information for more than 7,500 state legislators, 9,500 state legislator’s staffers and committee staff, and 21,000 state executives.

Connect with 64,000 elected county and municipal officials which includes contact information for all 3,000 counties and 3,600 municipalities with a population greater than 10,000.