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Quorum Data Security

Comprehensive Data Security

Quorum is SOC 2 Type II certified, PCI compliant, GDPR compliant, & CCPA compliant, with a dedicated Information Security team.

Our comprehensive approach to security means you can be confident that your information is safe.

Strong Information Security Protocols

Quorum is SOC 2 Type II certified, PCI compliant, GDPR compliant, and CCPA compliant, with security protocols designed and maintained by a team of certified information security professionals.

Quorum’s centralized platform security ensures that every aspect of the platform is protected at all times. Quorum maintains a grade A encryption rating from SSL security firm Qualys for all data in transit and at rest. In addition, Quorum has hundreds of security controls that are tested annually by a third-party auditor.

All of these security systems come together to ensure your data is secure with Quorum.

Strong Personnel Security Protocols

Quorum employs personnel security protocols that ensure your information is protected by not only our software, but also our team. All employees sign an NDA, undergo mandatory data security training, and must pass a background check.

Only team members with a legitimate need (like the Customer Support team) can access client information. Members of the Quorum team that can access client data sign a strict confidentiality agreement and an additional client data access policy. Even our CEO does not have access to client data unless granted by that client.

Quorum’s GDPR & CCPA compliance extends from our data security protocols to our HR practices. Keeping your information safe is ingrained in our company operations.

Speedy Procurement

Our team of certified information security professionals ensure that Quorum is in compliance with all of the security features your procurement team will look for. This includes SOC 2 Type II certification, adherence to ISO 27001 standards, and PCI, GDPR, and CCPA compliance.

Quorum’s SOC 2 Type II certification proves compliance with 250 security controls across sectors, from personnel to access to control to infrastructure and everything in between. In addition, Quorum was built according to the ISO 27001 standard—the leading international standard on information security.

Ultimately, your procurement team and our information security team share a top priority: that your information is secure with Quorum.