Building a Legislative Scorecard with Quorum

Organizations large and small use legislative scorecards to inform advocates and voters on who the legislative champions and opponents are on a given issue. Comprehensive scorecards help organizations identify which legislators their advocates can count on and which legislators they should put pressure on.

Legislative scorecards are an effective way to work with a legislative office to show them why they should support your issue. A lawmaker may believe they are an advocate of a particular issue, but their votes and dialogue on the issue might not back it up.

See the four easy steps we took to create this sample scorecard with Quorum:

Select Your Members

To start your scorecard, select the list of legislators you’ll be ranking. Do you want to compare every legislator in Congress, members of a particular party, or just members of a specific committee?

Determine Your Metrics

How do you want to determine what makes a legislator a champion or opponent on your issues? Quorum users can quickly pull in bills, votes, or a legislator’s statements on a particular issue with just a few clicks. Quorum’s scorecard tool is auto-updating, saving you the hassle of continually inputting information on new votes or bills.

Add Your Own Custom Fields

When you think of legislative scorecards, the first thing that comes to mind is a legislator touting the letter grades they received from a particular organization. For example, many legislators in favor of gun control tout their “F” ratings from the NRA, while legislators who are not in favor of gun control legislation promote their “A” ratings with their constituents. Using a custom field, you can add qualitative ratings to each member.

Share Your Scorecard Online

Quorum makes it easy to share your legislative scorecard with your organization’s supporters. You can hyperlink or embed your scorecard to your website or in an email, allowing audiences to sort and filter across different categories to quickly identify where their senator or representative ranks.

See how the Sierra Club uses Quorum Sheets to build legislative scorecards and bill trackers, or learn how you can build one for your own organization with a demo of Quorum.

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