Correlation Between Engagement and Legislative Activity

Measuring ROI of Government Affairs

From speaking with Quorum users and other industry leaders, we've identified five strategies as the leading ways organizations are measuring the return on investment of government affairs. Read this blog to see how you can measure ROI by the financial impact of the government affairs department, or download our E-Book for all five strategies and explanations of how Quorum can help.

While tracking meetings with additional data like issue and meeting sentiment is a way to make your meeting tracking is more valuable, you can take it another step by measuring the correlation between the engagements you have with legislators and their activity within the chamber, such as their mentions of your issue on social media or their sponsorship and cosponsorship of bills on your issues. If you’re successful, the more often you meet with a legislator, the more frequently (or less frequently in some cases) they will mention or sponsor the issue you care about. To do this, build a spreadsheet of your stakeholders with columns for the number of engagements your team has and the legislative metric you’ve chosen as your main objective, such as sponsorships. Then plot them on a scatterplot to see if your work is creating a trend.

This strategy of measurement is especially effective if your objective is to raise the brand or awareness of your organization or the issue you care about, as the trends are easier to measure with mentions on social media, press releases, and newsletters with the volume of statements that legislators put out as compared to the number of bills they sponsor or cosponsor.

How to Measure ROI by Correlation Between Engagements and Legislative Activity in Quorum

Using Quorum Sheets, you can automate the spreadsheet of engagements and legislative statistics, then visualize the correlation between the two at the click of a button. If a particular legislator stands out as having an especially positive correlation between your engagements and their legislative activity, read through your meeting notes with that stakeholder to see what happened in those meetings and how you can replicate those trends moving forward.

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