Turning Social Media Dialogue Into Actionable Government Relations Strategy

There are a variety of ways to monitor social media dialogue from legislators in Quorum—most vocal members on an issue, top hashtags used by legislators, most vocal state or party on your issue—but what do you do once you’ve compiled your research and observed the trends?

Here are four ways to turn social media metrics into actionable government relations strategy.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

To gain attention for the issues you care about, you want to participate in the conversations legislators are having on social media.

Hashtags are an important way to follow trending conversations. If you mention a hashtag that no one else is using, your post can get lost in the shuffle. Incorporating trending hashtags, can help your content gain traction and improve engagement.

Set Up Email Alerts

Once you’ve identified the keywords you want to track, set up email alerts so you are notified either immediately, daily, or weekly, when your stakeholders mention the issue. With regularly scheduled email alerts, checking in on vocal champions of your issue becomes a consistent part of your workflow and legislative strategy.

Compare Social Media Data with Other Metrics

Using Quorum’s spreadsheet tool, organizations can measure the correlation between social media dialogue and other important datasets. Answer questions like, do offices we meet with frequently tend to talk more about our issue on social media? Do offices who talk about our issue tend to vote in our favor? If there is an office who is speaking about your issue at a high volume but you have not previously met with them, reach out to engage on the issue.

Identify Potential Partnerships

Quorum enables you to track the Twitter accounts mentioned the most by legislators, helping you identify potential media or advocacy partners who are working on the same issues.

When key legislators for your issues mention a particular news outlet or reporter, you can target those publications for advertisements or letters to the editor.

If members frequently engage or retweet a particular nonprofit who shares your issue, reach out to those organizations as potential partners in your advocacy efforts.

Bottom Line:

The best policy engagement is targeted policy engagement. Quorum's social media monitoring offers the tools you need to easily take vast amounts of social media data and turn it into actionable government affairs strategy.

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