Stakeholder Engagement Matrix Template

Guide your stakeholder engagement plan from start to finish by downloading the editable template with five simple steps.

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Every organization has stakeholders—people and organizations that have a stake in your success can impact your ability to achieve your goals and are key to growth. Managing your stakeholders is key—identifying them, monitoring their activity, and communicating and engaging them in a thoughtful way improves the likelihood of success down the road.

Here’s a five step stakeholder engagement plan template:

1) Define Your Objective

What is your goal for your stakeholders? Are you looking to activate them and have them advocate on your behalf? Just looking to keep tabs on them to inform your own practices? Write out your objective of engaging stakeholders here.

2) Identify Your Stakeholders

What roles do your stakeholders hold in the community? When building a list from scratch, what identifying qualities are important about their backgrounds? Here are a few examples of who your stakeholders may be—highlight the ones that fit your organization.

3) Prioritize Your Stakeholders with a Matrix

Now that you’ve identified all your stakeholders, it’s time to prioritize. Using the quadrant below, map your stakeholders by their interest (their willingness to get involved with your organization) and their potential influence (their personal ability to cause change) to help you achieve your objective.

4) Assemble Your Toolkit

With a better sense of your priorities, you can start to assemble your toolkit for activating and engaging your stakeholders. You’ll need tools that address three key stages of stakeholder engagement—monitoring, communication, and engagement.

5) Outline Your Game Plan

Return to your stakeholder priority map. Starting with the lowest priority, outline how you can use the strategies described above to monitor, communicate, and engage with each stakeholder.

Best Practice:

Continue to update your plan regularly. As your organization grows and changes, certain stakeholders may become more valuable to achieving success and tools to monitor, communicate, and engage may become more advanced. Consider an integrated stakeholder engagement tool like Quorum to centralize information and engagement with your stakeholders.

Now that you’ve got your stakeholder engagement plan set up, see how the Coca-Cola Community Relations Team executes its stakeholder engagement plan with Quorum.

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