Consumer Technology Association Manages Lobbying Strategy with Quorum

Case Study

Challenge: Managing a Diverse Issue Portfolio

As a trade association that represents over 2200 technology companies, the Consumer Technology Association has a diverse array of policy areas that it is responsible for monitoring and influencing, ranging from trade to intellectual property to immigration.

With such a wide range of policy issues, and therefore legislative stakeholders to track, CTA needed a software platform to manage its lobbying strategy that both empowered it to stay alert on policy developments as well as manage its engagement with elected officials simultaneously.

Solution: A Digitized Lobbying Strategy

Staying Alert to Policy Developments

Quorum helps CTA make sure that it never misses a mention of its issues by legislators. One of the first things Michael Petricone, the SVP of Government Affairs for CTA, checks in the morning are his email alerts from Quorum. These alerts cover both developments in legislation that CTA is tracking along with mentions of key issues by legislators on social media

“The email alerts, they come early in the morning and they are certainly one of the first things I look at every day because again we cover a very broad swath of issues,” Petricone said. “Just to know when there has been movement on a bill or a floor statement or action on one of our issues and to know it immediately is invaluable.”

By tracking social media in addition to more traditional documents like floor statements and press releases, Petricone is able to learn about new potential legislative champions.

“I’m very active on social media and being able to see who is engaging and who is tweeting on an issue is invaluable because a lot of the time its a member we didn’t know was engaged on an issue,” Petricone said.

Managing Engagement with Elected Officials and Staff

Engaging with elected officials is a significant part of CTA’s work, from regular events at the CTA Innovation House on Capitol Hill to the annual CES show in Las Vegas—the largest trade show in the country. With all these events in addition to regular meetings and site visits with legislators and staff, it could be challenging to keep track of who on the CTA team has met with which legislative offices. With Quorum, CTA can log notes from each event or meeting and keep the team in the loop with where each relationship stands.

Petricone uses Quorum’s mobile app containing the full database of legislative officials and staff to track down staffers and log engagement with only a few clicks. Along with logging notes from in-person meetings, Quorum’s Outbox feature provides CTA with a quick way to communicate its message to Capitol Hill. When a legislative battle broke out in November on an issue CTA cares about, they could quickly draft and send an Outbox email to relevant stakeholders.

For example, we had our holiday party last night and I met a new staffer from a Senate office and I didn’t get a card from her. This morning I remembered her first name and I was able to get on Quorum and use that first name, figure out who she was, and then send her a follow-up email. Without Quorum I wouldn’t have been able to do that. —Michael Petricone, SVP of Government Affairs, Consumer Technology Association.

Impact: Forgetting Life Before Quorum

When discussing the impact Quorum has had on his work, Petricone immediately thought of a meme he had seen earlier that day on Twitter.

“The question on Twitter was, before Google if you had to figure out like how many people lived in California or how many inches are in a mile, what did you do? And I was thinking like yeah what did I do? I forget,” Petricone said. “And asking what we did before Quorum is a little like that, what did we do? Remembering the world before Quorum, it was just a very different world because Quorum has made everything so much easier.”

In the years Petricone has worked for CTA, data has become an even bigger aspect of the tech industry and the businesses that CTA represents, so for him, it's only logical that the organization take a more data-driven approach to its advocacy.

We represent the tech industry and data has transformed the tech industry from travel to how you buy food to how you drive your car. Government advocacy is no exception and Quorum is a great example of that. —Michael Petricone, SVP of Government Affairs, Consumer Technology Association.

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