American Society of Anesthesiologists Grows Grassroots Network With Quorum

Challenge: Growing the Grassroots Network

Before Quorum, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) was working with a different grassroots tool, but struggled to both grow their advocate list and comprehensively report on the actions those advocates were taking. ASA needed a comprehensive internal system for communicating with and tracking advocates as well as easy-to-use external tools to mobilize their supporters to take action.

"We were really struggling to make sure that we could track what we needed to track and have people join the grassroots network," said Amanda Cate, Senior Governmental and Political Outreach Manager.

Solution: Identifying and Educating Advocates

Quorum allowed ASA to build and iterate on a system of identifying and educating advocates on how to be effective in their engagement with lawmakers. With one tool, ASA can sign up new advocates, share educational videos on how to effectively advocate on behalf of anesthesiologists to Congress, and report on the activity of its advocates.

Registering New Advocates

First, ASA embedded the Quorum Action Center to its website, empowering advocates to easily register to be a part of the ASA Grassroots Network. When an advocate registers, their information is saved as a contact within Quorum, where ASA may then add custom tags to each advocate.

“Within the group we have what are known as key contacts and we created a custom tag for that with Quorum,” Cate said. “Those are people that have an existing strong relationship with a member of Congress.”

When registering, advocates have the opportunity to opt-in to ASA’s advocacy training program in order to join their grasstops advocacy program, ASA Team 535.

Educating Their Advocates

Advocates who opt-in to joining ASA Team 535 are tagged with a “key contact in training” tag within Quorum and enrolled in a series of advocacy modules to teach them how to be successful grasstops advocates. Each lesson includes a brief video covering an advocacy topic, ranging from how Congress is structured to how to call your legislator through Quorum.

After watching, advocates answer a series of questions to prove they have learned the lessons of the video. ASA uses Quorum to send these videos to advocates through its integrated email tool, Outbox. With Outbox, ASA can use personalization placeholders to make it appear that each advocate is receiving a personalized email.

“We’ve been using Quorum for tracking when we send messages,” Cate said. “So when someone says 'Yes I want to join ASA Team 535!', we enter them into a spreadsheet and send them a message through Quorum introducing them to this program and what is going to take place.”

By sending through Outbox, ASA can see who has opened an email and who has clicked, allowing them to follow up with those who have yet to complete that specific lesson.

Engaging with Legislators

Once they’ve registered, advocates are encouraged to contact their legislators in a variety of ways through the Quorum Action Center on ASA’s website. ASA provides the option to write letters to their legislator’s office on a particular policy issue, submit a personal story on how policies have affected their work, or schedule a meeting with a congressional office.

ASA also utilizes Quorum’s interaction logger so that if advocates meet with their legislators in person or attend ASA’s conference in Washington DC, they can log their meeting notes and provide ASA insights into what they discussed with a particular legislator.

ASA asks each of their advocates to log their meetings twice—before and after a meeting takes place. Cate and her team can then follow up with those who scheduled a meeting but didn’t log notes of what happened in the meeting.“We can use the tag for legislative conference and/or search by the date of the conference, which is three days long, to look at which meetings were reported as happening and have that date but also those that were supposed to happen so we can follow up and be sure to get those added.”

Reporting on Advocacy Activity

With Quorum, the ASA team can pull analytics on how many new advocates they have added and how many actions those advocates have taken. They use these reports to incentivize more members to sign up for the grassroots network and encourage their colleagues to as well.

“I really love the charts, the graphs,” Cate said. “Our members are very competitive so one of the things we’re also doing this year is from January to October we are going to look at which states have had the most growth in members for the grassroots network so we can pull that map of the United States that has the color coding. That really gets them going and revs them up.”

Impact: Growth of the ASA Grassroots Network

With Quorum’s comprehensive advocacy tools, ASA has seen a growth in its grassroots network and constructed an effective system for preparing its advocates to take action.

“I would say the biggest impact is just the general growth of our ASA Grassroots Network,” Cate said. “It’s become easier for our members to use and we have seen the number of participants actively increase. That’s due to both an easier system and work by our leadership who are promoting this.”

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