Jackpocket's State Legislation Tracker Helps Expand Business Impact Nationwide

Using Quorum email alerts to track legislation and dialogue

The Challenge: Tracking State Legislation in a Changing Industry

Founded in 2013, New York City based Jackpocket is the first mobile app where users can buy official state lotteries tickets from their phone. Like most early stage companies, Jackpocket has limited resources at its disposal to dedicate towards building a presence in government affairs. However, by nature of its industry, the company’s success hinges on its ability to operate within the bounds of state sanctioned gambling and lottery regulations. Therefore, Andrew Fries, Head of External Affairs and one-person government affairs team at Jackpocket, is tasked with keeping a pulse on key policy conversations happening in state legislatures across the country. With 7,383 state legislators and an average of 128,000 bills introduced in state legislatures each year, keeping a pulse on the conversation can pile up — fast.

As Fries put it, “We needed an automated way to track all the legislation and dialogue we cared about across the entire country.”

The Solution: Never Miss a Mention of Your Issue

Jackpocket’s utilization of Quorum offered Fries a powerful way to search across state legislatures for important bills to watch, receive email alerts when changes to those bills occur, and monitor dialogue from legislators and state executives. Using Quorum’s auto-updating legislative dashboards, Fries is able to identify important legislation and organize it by specific issue areas, priority level, and the stance the organization is taking on the bill.

“Quorum helps us keep up with new legislation as it is introduced,” Fries told Quorum. “It’s our passive filter to get us our information, that way I’m not having to constantly check each state while they’re in session.”

Beyond the legislation, Jackpocket also leverages Quorum’s social media monitoring to get a sense of when, where, and how legislators are talking about policies related to their industry.

“Whether it’s press releases or tweets, we want to be sure we’re up-to-date on the conversations and are able to identify how officials are coming down on certain issues,” Fries explained.

As a one-person team, Fries is often traveling across the country meeting with legislators and various lottery or gambling commissions. This is where Quorum email alerts have become an invaluable tool. Whether it’s staying on top of changes in legislation or knowing when a keywords in a press release, Fries has set up a range of keyword email alerts through Quorum.

The Impact: Keeping Pace with Industry Changes

“We’re a small startup in a regulated industry but with Quorum we have the tools at our disposal to really make an impact,” said Fries.

No matter their size or stature, Quorum State empowers organizations with a comprehensive database of legislative information and easy to use tools for turning insights into action.

“More and more changes are coming to our industry, some of them are pretty nuanced, and with Quorum we can be sure we aren’t missing things that could impact us,” explained Fries.

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