115th Congress On Pace to Enact Most Bills Since 2008

April 2018 Congressional Activity Report

Today marks the 17th month of the 115th Congress. As part of our series of quarterly congressional activity reports, we'll be releasing a monthly update measuring the current legislative activity in Congress compared to the past ten Congresses. At this point in Congress, the 115th Congress is passing more bipartisan bills into law than any Congress since 2008. Here's a current and historical breakdown of legislative activity from the start of Congress to the end of April of the second session:

Congress has enacted 169 bills—the most at this point in Congress since 2008.

Near 4 percent of legislation introduced with a Republican and Democrat cosponsor is passing out of Congress—the highest at this point in Congress since 2008.

At this point in the term, the House is passing more bills out of the chamber than any of the past ten Congresses.

House Democrats have passed more bills out of the House at this point in a term than they have since losing their majority in 2010.

Historically, at this point in Congress, Senate Republicans average 6.8 percent of bills passed out of the chamber compared to Senate Democrats 3.8 percent.

For a more comprehensive look at Q1 of 2018 in Congress, download our full report.

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