Quorum Mobile

Take all of Quorum's features with you on the go


Syncing With Quorum

Fully Integrated Solution

Quorum Mobile gives you a seamless look at everything you manage in Quorum. Your notes, assignments, lists, custom bios, stances, and more sync directly with the site, and all of Quorum's contact info, documents, bills, and more are fully searchable. You're never more than a tap away from your data.


Save Time for What Matters

Business Card Scanner

Have a stack of business cards from your last conference? They only take two taps to add to Quorum - our fully automated business card scanner will create a Contact directly from your phone, complete with address, phone number, custom fields, and more.


Monitor Your Progress

Bill Tracking On the Go

Quorum's entire bill tracking system is ready for the road. Take stances on new bills from your search term lists, take a look at your categories, or write a custom description and share your thoughts with your team.


Never Miss a Mention

Work Faster with Email Alerts

Your email alerts now link directly into Quorum Mobile -- with one click, you can go from a mention of your organization in email alerts to the full text of a press release or read the full text of a new bill and take a stance.


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