Quorum Mobile

Take all of Quorum's features with you on the go


Fully Integrated Solution

Stay in Sync, No Matter Where You Are

Quorum Mobile gives you a seamless look at everything you manage in Quorum. Your notes, assignments, lists, custom bios, stances, and more sync directly with the site, and everything in Quorum is fully searchable in the mobile app. You're never more than a tap away from your data.


Log Interactions From The App

Manage Engagement

Use the Quorum mobile app to easily keep track of your meetings with legislators, staffers, or other stakeholders. Look back through to quickly find the last time someone from your team met with an office and what they talked about.

Have The Information You Need

Prep for a Meeting

Find and edit custom descriptions for officials, quickly look up your team’s most recent engagement with an office, and search through legislative history, staffer information, and more so that you never walk into a room unprepared.

Bill Tracking On The Go

Track Legislation

Quorum's entire bill tracking system is ready for the road. Take stances on new bills, see all of the legislation you’re tracking by category, and write custom descriptions that are saved and shared across your team.

Map Custom Data to Districts

Communicate Your Footprint

Map your facilities, members, employees, and suppliers to every congressional and state legislative district in the country. Pull up this information in the Quorum mobile app with a few taps to quickly demonstrate your organization’s impact.

Business Card Scanner

Save Time for What Matters

Have a stack of business cards from your last conference? They only take two taps to add to Quorum—our fully automated business card scanner will create a new contact directly from your phone, complete with address, phone number, custom fields, and more.

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