Government Relations: Definition

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What is government relations?

Government relations is defined as the process of influencing public policy at all levels of governance: local, regional, national, and even global. Government relations aims to persuade government officials to change or maintain policy to more effectively fit the needs of a particular group.

A successful government relations strategy relies on organization and planning — click here for an editable template with tables and checklists.

How does government relations relate to public affairs?

Government relations sits at the heart of public affairs. An effective government relations strategy includes defining your issues, identifying legislative champions, building relationships with elected officials, and structuring a grassroots advocacy program, all of which are fundamental pillars in public affairs.

Modern innovations have made it easier to organize an effective government relations strategy. Legislative tracking is becoming less burdensome as modern tools can help organize a government relations teams more strategically. Monitoring what elected officials are saying on social media plays a measurable role in an effective government relations strategy as well.

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