General Motors Modernizes PAC Management

How GM automated their process with Quorum

The Challenge: Deciding Where to Spend PAC Dollars

For many corporations, managing a PAC can present a headache of spreadsheets, data and misinformation. Whether it’s tracking down committee assignments, caucus memberships or even weighing economic impact across congressional districts, having a clear picture of where to spend dollars is essential to running a successful PAC. However, gathering all of this information—let alone synthesizing it into a single workable document —can often take weeks of compiling, organizing and sorting.

The public policy team at General Motors knows just how tedious the PAC management process can be. Before Quorum, GM’s team was managing their PAC giving out of a handful of Excel spreadsheets. With each new Congress, the team would spend hours visiting committee websites or waiting for announcements on new committee assignments, caucus memberships and a variety of other legislative information.

Ibn Salaam, PAC Manager at GM, explains, “When you’ve got 535 members to keep track of and a lot of data that needs organizing, you open yourself up to human error. We needed to streamline our process.”

The Solution: Quorum Sheets

Enter, Quorum Sheets—a tool that helps organizations track and discover key insights with custom data, auto-updating columns, and powerful filtering.

The GM team started by pulling in a list of all 535 members of Congress from Quorum. Next, they needed to identify the criteria for prioritizing which members would receive PAC dollars.Using Quorum’s database of legislative information, the team added a variety of columns like committee assignments and caucus membership, as well as a column denoting whether a member served in leadership. After assigning weighted point values for each column, GM was able to seamlessly sort and capture every member on a high to low priority scale. When it was all said and done, the team had built a powerful auto-updating scorecard.

“80 percent of the work was done through Quorum," Salaam said. "We had a high level of trust in the product and it paid off.”

The Impact: Sleeping Better at Night

What once required significant time scouring for information and updating columns of data is now made possible in a matter of seconds. The implementation of automated tools, like Quorum Sheets, has improved the public policy team’s ability to share information at the request of other departments at a drastically higher rate.

“You can’t even compare the time it used to take versus the time it takes now,” said Lerner, “Tools like Quorum help us sleep better at night.”

Beyond maximizing work-flow, having access to accurate legislative and congressional information from within an auto-updating system has been a game changer for the entire GM team.

Lerner concluded, “The thing we admire most about Quorum is that they’re never afraid to change the status quo -- to change the way we think about doing things,” Lerner said.

Best Practice

Embracing modern tools like Quorum Sheets can empower your organization to build easy-to-use, auto-updating scorecards for PAC management, saving time and granting you peace of mind.

Public affairs professionals should have modern software built for them. Request a demo today to learn why.