Senator Bernie Sanders' Relationships with "Medicare for All" Cosponsors

September 16, 2017

On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the "Medicare for All" bill alongside 16 Senate Democrat cosponsors. Senator Sanders’ bill is the first major piece of legislation a Democrat has introduced to the health care debate since the Republicans failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. "Medicare for All" likely faces a steep uphill battle in a Republican-controlled Congress. We explored who exactly these 16 cosponsors are, and what their relationship to Sanders looks like.

The 16 cosponsors represent over 109 million Americans across 13 states

The 16 Original Cosponsors of Medicare for All.

Medicare for all cosponsors by state.

Cosponsors who represent states with some of the highest uninsured rates have cosponsored Senator Sanders' bills the least

Of the 16 original cosponsors, Senators Harris, Booker, Udall, and Heinrich represent states with the highest percent of uninsured constituents. They're also among the cosponsors who've cosponsored Sanders' bills the least. While they represent a significantly lower rate of uninsured constituents, Senators Whitehouse and Leahy remain among Sanders' most frequent cosponsors.

Medicare for all cosponsors: Percent of State uninsured vs number of times cosponsoring Sanders bills.

11 of the 16 cosponsors won their last election by more than 55%

It should come as no surprise that a number of cosponsors on Sanders' bill are already being floated as 2020 contenders for the Democratic primary. Many of these cosponsors are also very popular in their home states, with 11 of the 16 winning their last election with more than 55% of the vote. However, before these senators set their sights on 2020, a handful of them, including Senators Heinrich and Baldwin, will face key re-election bids in 2018.

Medicare for all cosponsors election outlook.

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