Public Affairs: Definition

Public Affairs Dictionary

What is public affairs?

Public affairs is defined as efforts made by organizations to track, engage, and organize their external business processes. Interdisciplinary in nature, it combines strategies from industries ranging from government, communication, and social responsibility.

The public affairs function of an organization aims to influence public policy, build and maintain strong relationships with legislators, and engage with and monitor stakeholders.

To make sure your organization’s interests aren’t left behind, it’s important to have a strong public affairs strategy. The ability to succeed in work for corporations, trade associations, and nonprofits revolves around policy at the federal, state, and local levels.

Read here for four key tactics that should be incorporated into every public affairs strategy. An organization should start with two foundational tactics—to share their economic impact with legislators and engage their stakeholders.

Digital platforms and solutions have changed the way organizations are approaching their public affairs strategy. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer a powerful new public forum for impacting how policymakers discuss the issues you care about.

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