Stakeholder Engagement: Definition

Public Affairs Dictionary

What is stakeholder engagement?

Stakeholders are individuals or organizations that have a stake in your success, can affect your ability to achieve your goals, and are influential to growth. Stakeholders can range from elected officials, to key influencers, ambassadors, policymakers or other third-party contacts. Engaging with stakeholders allows an organization to build relationships with these individuals or organizations that may be out of geographic reach.

Stakeholders may come from different walks of life, but by surveying their backgrounds, an organization can learn their stakeholders’ interests and identify relationships that may exist among their network.

An organization should engage their stakeholders by first identifying them, monitoring their activity, and communicating with them in a thoughtful way.

How Does Stakeholder Engagement Relate to Public Affairs?

Your public affairs strategy does not stop with elected officials—it is important to engage other stakeholders in your network, such as grantees, employees, community partners, and more. To assess each group of stakeholders’ potential to help you achieve your objectives, start by mapping their positions by interest and influence. See here for five steps to organize a successful stakeholder engagement plan that incorporates your entire network.

Effective communication is essential to an organization’s relationship with its stakeholders. To achieve successful stakeholder engagement, It is key to use tools that make communication as easy as possible.

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