Women in the 116th Congress

The 115th Congress saw a record 112 women serving in the legislature. During the 2018 Midterms, a record 256 women appeared on House and Senate ballots on election day—197 Democrats and 59 Republicans. 234 women ran for House seats while 22 ran for Senate seats.

So, what happened? In the House, Democrats had a net gain of 27 women, while Republicans had a net loss of ten women. In the Senate, Republicans had a net gain of two woman and Democrats had no net gain or loss. Here's a look at the new gender breakdown for the 116th Congress:

How many women are in the 116th Congress?

There are 132 women—24 Republicans and 108 Democrats—in the 116th Congress.

How many women are in the Senate?

There will be 25 women in the 116th Senate—8 female Republican senators and 17 female Democratic senators.

How many women are in the House of Representatives?

In the House, there will be at least 107 women—16 Republican congresswomen and 91 Democratic congresswomen, including delegates.

How many women were newly elected to Congress in the 2018 midterms?

39 women were newly elected in 2018. 36 non-incumbent women were elected in the House (35 Democrats, 1 Republican), compared to three in the Senate— Marsha Blackburn for the Republicans, and Jacky Rosen and Kyrsten Sinema for the Democrats. 69 incumbent women were elected in the House—56 Democrats and 14 Republicans. While Martha McSally lost her Senate election to Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, she will serve in the late Sen. John McCain's seat until a 2020 special election.

How did Republican women do in the House?

56 Republican women ran in the House—33.92% (19 candidates) were incumbents while 66.07% (33 candidates) were challengers. Overall, 15 Republican women won, 14 incumbents and one challenger, Del. Carol Miller (WV-3).

How did Democratic women do in the House?

191 Democratic women ran in the House—29.3% (56 candidates) were incumbents while 70.7% (135 candidates) were challengers. Overall, 91 Democratic women won, all 56 incumbents and 35 challengers. 100 challengers lost their races.Track your engagement with these new members of Congress using Quorum Federal.

The full list of women serving in the 116th Congress:

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