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The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy is Here: Major Updates to Quorum Grassroots

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Product Announcement

Quorum Grassroots:
The Next Generation of Grassroots Advocacy

Hundreds of organizations have engaged on important issues with Quorum Grassroots. With new updates, the impact advocacy professionals can have is even more significant — the game-changing evolution in grassroots engagement has arrived.

The time has come to unleash its unparalleled power for unprecedented impact. Improvements include a modern, easy-to-use advocate experience, time-saving campaign creation, and AI features that give you up to 300 unique and more persuasive messages.

Inspire Supporters to Take Action with a Modern Advocate Experience

Drive more conversions in fewer steps — and build experiences that advocates love — with sleek new designs across all campaign types.

Increase Your Influence on Lawmakers with AI

Send unique messages to lawmakers in your ‘Write Your Legislator’ campaigns by auto-generating up to 300 variants of your original message.

Ensure Your Message Lands with Enhanced Targeting

Deliver distinct messages to different groups of lawmakers. You can personalize messages to up to six custom segments, adapting each for the key role legislators play.

Save Time and Deliver Compelling Campaigns with an Impactful Campaign Builder

Flexible campaign designs help to bring your vision to life. With no coding required, you can create highly engaging visual campaigns that your advocates want to interact with, driving more engagement to deliver more impact.

Inspire Engagement with Unique Calls to Action

Utilizing an array of 12 campaign types like letter writing, social media engagement, and story collection allow you to tailor supporter engagement to your preference.

Shape Policy When It Matters Most Through a Grassroots-First Experience

Find what you need faster, including reporting templates for program performance or engagement. Use filters to identify advocates by activity level or channel preference, then easily message your advocates to take action.

Multiply Your Impact with a Unified Public Affairs Platform

Without the only unified public affairs platform, you miss an opportunity to influence people who can move policy. See the effects of your combined grassroots and lobbying efforts by legislative district and strategize how your teams can work together to influence legislative outcomes.

Magnify your influence with a cross-team public affairs strategy, made possible with Quorum’s unified platform. Understand your impact in context with joint advocacy and government affairs reporting. Easily share legislative intel and advocate stories across teams.

This is next-gen advocacy: more info, fewer meetings, bigger impact.