Bill Tracking, Social Media Alerts, Contact Directory, and Email Tool.

Social Media Tracking

Never Miss A Mention

With the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information you’ll never miss a mention of your organization or issue across legislators’ tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, and emails to their constituents.

State Legislative Tracking

Bring Order To Bill Tracking

Easily manage your workflow with neatly organized legislative dashboards customized to your issue areas, keywords, and priorities.

Custom Data

Communicate Your Organization's Footprint

Map your facilities, members, employees, and suppliers to every state legislative district in the country. Easily pull together custom biographies, mentions of your organization, and your organization’s previous interactions with a legislator into a simple downloadable PDF report.

State Bill Text Comparison

Know When Changes Occur

Identify key changes in legislation between chambers and over time. Create keyword email alerts to stay on top of every change.


Project Management

Built For Teams

Coordinate a legislative strategy as unified or as segmented as you need across all 50 states and enable your team to identify trends over time or target key areas of legislative activity.


Integrated Email Tool

Easily Contact State Legislators

Deliver personalized messages to state legislators using plain-text emails or advanced templates. Quickly access a full database of legislator contact information and filter by party, committees, chambers, regions, and more.


Mobile App

Keep Track of Every Meeting

Log your meetings with legislators using Quorum’s mobile app to preserve institutional knowledge, easily manage compliance reports, keep your team aligned, and measure your impact.

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