Three Examples of Effective Government Relations Strategy

February 20, 2018

When planning your organization’s government relations strategy, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You can look to established players at the federal and state level for examples of strategy to replicate within your team. Here are three examples of organizations who integrate elements of effective government relations strategy in their daily workflows:

1. Building (and Sustaining) Close Relationships with Elected Officials Through Consistent Communication - Walmart

When Walmart implements a change that has an impact on a particular community—such as opening a new store or plant—it makes sure that the legislator who works in that district is made aware of Walmart’s activity. This allows Walmart to remain front-of-mind for legislators and builds relationships beyond just requesting particular action on legislation.

Walmart takes its relationships with legislators a step further by frequently bringing them on site to Walmart facilities. This gives lawmakers a hands-on experience and understanding of the way that the company impacts the district.

Download Walmart’s full case study to learn more about the tools it uses to build strong relationships with elected officials across the country.

2. Logging Your Team’s Meetings and Notes - UPS

Members of UPS's government relations team are frequently meeting with legislators on Capitol Hill. After these meetings, it’s crucial that UPS team members keep the conversation going. To ensure effective follow up, UPS logs each meeting with legislators and takes notes about what was discussed so nothing is forgotten. This log of meetings creates a directory of institutional knowledge that can be passed down to new team members.

Your government relations strategy shouldn’t slow down after you leave the halls of Capitol Hill or the state house. Download UPS’ full case study to learn how you can help your team log meetings on the go.

3. Tracking Mentions of Key Issues Across All 50 State Legislatures - Jackpocket

As a startup in the lottery industry, Jackpocket’s bottom line is dependent on regulatory changes happening across all 50 state legislatures. Jackpocket can’t risk missing a relevant mention of the lottery on any bill, press release, or social media post, so they use tracking software to follow all of these things in one centralized place. While it is certainly important to know what legislators are discussing in official meetings and events, businesses that are impacted by state-level legislation need a government relations strategy that helps follow online conversations.

Download Jackpocket’s full case study to learn how to use software to never miss a mention of an issue at the state legislative level.

Best Practice:

If your organization is looking for new ways to organize your government relations work or starting a new government relations practice, replicate the government relations strategies that established players in the space are using with success.

For even more examples of effective government relations strategies, check out ways that Toyota, General Motors, and others are achieving success with Quorum.

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