2/3 of Congress references White Nationalism in reaction to Charlottesville

It’s been seven days to the hour since the violent display of white nationalism in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the past week, members of Congress have taken to social media to make statements of condemnation and prayer not to mention a series of remarks made by President Trump. Using Quorum’s social media monitoring, we explored the timeline and frequently used language by members of Congress in reaction to Charlottesville.

Democrats frequently referenced “white”, Republicans referenced “violence”

When discussing Charlottesville, Democrats frequently used terms like white, Trump, and supremacist. In comparison, Republicans frequently used terms like violence, American, and hate.

Top ten terms used in response to Charlottesville.

64% of Congress has referenced white nationalism in reaction to Charlottesville

In the past week, 345 members of Congress issued a statement or post on social media using one of the following terms “white supremacists” “white nationalists” “neo-Nazis” or the “KKK” -- 190 members did not.

Mentions of White nationalism by Congress.

Members of Congress have issued over 2,000 statements on Charlottesville

Since last Saturday, there have been 2,030 statements made by members of Congress in reaction to Charlottesville. Of those statements, Democrats account for 68% of the conversation compared to Republicans 32%.

Timeline of.

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