Coca-Cola Community Relations Team Executes Stakeholder Strategy in Quorum

The Challenge: Organizing and Communicating With Stakeholders

The Coca-Cola Community Relations team is tasked with building and maintaining relationships with the company’s stakeholders, namely organizations it has invested in through the Coca-Cola Gives Back program. With thousands of contacts in Coca-Cola’s stakeholder database, it sought to organize and communicate with them in an efficient and manageable way.

Community Relations Senior Manager Linda Brigham needed a way to share the team’s “News from the Coca-Cola Company” newsletter with each of their stakeholders, invite stakeholders to Coca-Cola sponsored events, and track conversations about Coca-Cola amongst stakeholders.

This typically involved a lot of back and forth between their stakeholder management system and their email, copying lists from one into the other so they could send newsletters and event invites. Even before they copied email addresses from their database to their email, they had to go around the office to ask each person which stakeholders were located in a particular region, what issue area a stakeholder fell into, or who on the team owned the relationship. With the back and forth between multiple systems and relying on anecdotal conversations amongst teammates, names often got lost and left out of relevant communications.

"[We were doing] the manual 'Who do you know in New York?' to build guest lists," Brigham said. "We need one place to go to be able to know who is who."

The Solution: Integrating Stakeholder Communication and Monitoring

With Quorum’s Stakeholder Engagement tools, Coca-Cola’s Community Relations team can integrate its stakeholder communications and monitoring efforts into one system.

First, every morning when the team arrives in the office, an email awaits them with a digest of every stakeholder in their database who has mentioned CocaCola or their foundation’s hashtag so that they can know who is speaking about Coca-Cola on social media on any given day.

Then, when the team needs to communicate with those stakeholders, they can do it all in one place. This communication typically happens in two varieties—“News from the Coca-Cola Company” newsletters and event invitations.The newsletters the Coca-Cola team shares inform stakeholders on projects Coca-Cola is taking on, such as grant announcements or community activities. For example, when Coca-Cola released its 2018 Super Bowl ad, “The Wonder of Us”, it turned to Quorum to share the advertisement to its stakeholders.

"We send out what we call 'News from the Coca-Cola Company' and when the Super Bowl commercial came out, we sent that to all of our stakeholders," Brigham said. "The list was tracked with who opened and who read it."

The second key type of communication—event invitations—is made easier through Quorum thanks to the information sharing between team members. With the ability to filter contacts based on geographical location or custom issue tags, Quorum allows users to build lists so you can be sure to send your communications to all of the proper stakeholders. Then, if you want to recreate the same guest list as a previous event, you can see who your team members have sent messages to in the past and whether or not they’ve opened and responded to previous emails.

“We all do a lot of dinners and engagements and lunches and breakfasts—we love to use Quorum for that,” Brigham said. “Our community outreach work is all event driven...Right now we’re putting together guest lists for everything, if we had done it through Quorum last year everyone would have that information already."

The Impact: Effective Communication, Strong Stakeholder Relationships

Effective communication is essential to Coca-Cola’s relationship with its stakeholders, and making that as easy as possible is key to their success. As the Coca-Cola Community Relations team got more ingrained with Quorum’s tools, the process became easier and more efficient, allowing them to send even more messages to the right stakeholders.

“I think we will probably send out more news from the Coca Cola company,” Brigham said. “We want to share more information with our stakeholders because we love sending out information about the company.”

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